5 original Xbox games that should return on the Xbox One


At the start of this week ,we made an article about 5  Playstation exclusive franchises that should make a return on the Playstation 4.

Today we’re going to talk about 5 games that were exclusive on the original Xbox that should definitely make a come back on the Xbox One. In advance I’ll let you know Phantom Dust is not on the list since the game has been announced at this year’s E3!

Lets’s start shall we?


5 –  Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes

This was one of the last games I played on the Original Xbox before I’ve made the jump to the Xbox 360. The player was allowed to command various armies alongside being able to  control the hero character.

I really enjoyed the gameplay and the story line, the game deserves a true come back.


4 – Voodo Vince

Few are the people that I know that managed to play this game, back in the sumer of 2003.

The game had an interesting but a bit simple story line, it also introduced some fresh gameplay mechanics on it’s platform genre. The game was developed by Beep Industries, however the IP is part of Microsoft so theres no reason to not add it to the new library.


3 - Steel Battalion

One of my favorite games on the original Xbox games that didn’t get their justfull comeback in it’s recent release on the Xbox 360 by using the Kinect.

Steel Battalion was one of those games which you either liked it or not. It’s gameplay was fun and entertaining, the players controlled various Vertical Tanks ( a bipedal tank)each one with it’s weapons and abilities.

It was a very intresting game and we hope if we ever see this franchise again on the Xbox One, justice is made instead of what was that game in the Xbox 360.


2 – Unreal Championship

Man, this is bringing me back some multiplayer madness nostalgia right here. I’ve spent countless hours playing this multiplayer Unreal game on my original Xbox after my computer broke.

It’s Team Deathmatch and Survival were my favorite modes back then and sure was one of the best multiplayer games I’ve played on the console, I didn’t spent as much time playing the sequel as I did on this one!


1 – Project Gotham Racing

My editor Frank Rod would kill me if this game didn’t made it to the list! And he’s damm right, Project Gotham Racing was one my favorite racing games ever.

It was the very first game that I played on the original Xbox and I still have many fond memories from those hours spent playing it. In the game it wans’t about being the first but managing to actually complete challenges which have in mind the driver’s skill instead of being the first to reach the line.

My favorite thing about the game was how realistically the cities were created almost identical to what existed there. I sure hope the next racing game after Forza: Horizon 2 is Project Gotham Racing I really do.

Did you have the chance to play any of the games above? Do you have a game that you played but didn’t manage to be in the list?

Let us know in the comments!


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Hey guys, I'm the Editor in Chief of Pure|News ! Feel free to send me a tweet at @JohnnyRelvas! Let us know your opinion about the website and it's content on the comment section! Also don't mind the grammar we're from Portugal, and we're doing our best to improve it! :)
  • Daniel Lawson III

    So many IPs to choose from and you pick these… agree about Voodoo Vince, but what about Mech Assult or Crimson Skies… Sudeki… or even sleepers like Bood Wake and Grabbed by the Ghoulies

    • http://purenews.net Pedro Relvas

      Hey mate,

      Didn’t had the chance to play those unfortunately, those on the list were the ones I liked most from playing!

      Not all the original Xbox games were available in Portugal :(

  • JimG

    Mechassault, Jade Empire, Knights of the Old Republic, Perfect Dark

    • http://purenews.net Pedro Relvas

      Knights of the Old Republic, one of my favorite games of all time!


  • Zarbor

    What a poor list. Before you do KUF, how about Otogi. We do not need another racing game like PGR. How about Midtown Madness?

    Crimson Skies
    Jade Empire