The current situation of Crytek UK and how it’s impacting the development of Homefront : Revolution and it’s possible release


In the last few weeks, many reports have revealed that Crytek UK is not doing so well in terms of financial stability and in terms of management.

Now it seems that since the development of Homefront : Revoluton started over 30 developers of the team have left Crytek UK. This information comes from an article published by Eurogamer.

It seems like the current situation that Crytek UK is going thorough will indeed impact game development, and if things get worse it’s possible that the game might not even see the light of day.

It has been reported by a source close to the website, that the employees are getting paid late and this might create a huge impact in the team’s moral. Not only was this revealed but apparently according to a post in Kotakurevealed that Free Radical Design co-founder Karl Hilton had left his role at Crytek UK as managing director.

Changing a managing director during a middle of a game development process is not the best idea, especially if all these issues going around are true.


Not only this is an issue, but apparently according to Glassdoor feedback, ( a website for people to give feedback on the employer) it’s said some worrying comments from the users who sent feedback. ( Please take it with a grain of salt as we do not know whether this is true or false, there’s even been bullying reports in Glassdoor)

Quotes below :

A user posted early this month the following :

The management for the UK studio was given by proxy to the most senior member of the team after the administration from Free Radical. This individual had previously left to start their own venture, that had flopped and seen them come back, just in time to take the position in the power vaccume left by most of the directors leaving.

This lack of experience leads to daily changes of direction, poor choices, an obvious and gratuitious ‘old boys club’ made of friends of management, open hostility towards those who disagree with work often being thrown away and direction in areas of the game where the management has little or no experience.

And the most worrying feedback from the same user was :

 The big players in all departements have left or are leaving, and the studio is being reduced to a poor combination of yes men, those too stuck by mortguages or families in the economic climate to move on and the newer recruits who don’t have enough experience/reputation to question the crazy changes of direction.


Another user said :

Some managers that don’t seem to know how things are made nowadays. They also are involved too much into game design decisions sometimes which leads to wasted milestones when they realize their input was pretty bad.

Now, we don’t know whether this is true or not, but recent reports close to various websites around the web are reporting the same issue regarding management.

But regarding the development of Homefront : Revolution there have been reports saying that the leaders/managers don’t know anything or have the minimum experience required, this might not be good for the game itself.

So far it seems that things aren’t going well , but we expect that Deep Silver is in contact with Crytek to help the studio to manage and release it’s upcoming Homefront game.

Homefront was a IP that used to belong to THQ before it was sold on a auction to Crytek, the studio has been reportedly working on it since 2011.

The game is slated for a 2015 release and we hope the game hits stores shelves.


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    Come on MS/ Xbox get the check book out save crytek and get a great engine in the processes .