DX12 is a game changer, here’s how it will be successful in the Xbox One, PC and Mobile phones


UPDATED: DX12 is planning is to roll out testing in fall 2014, and full release in 2015 (Hopefully with the new Windows (example: Windows 9).

Today during Game Developer’s Conference or GDC, Microsoft gave to the public a full disclosure about their following up API to Direct X11, the DirectX12.

But what could this really mean to the platforms that have been listed?  is it what everyone is thinking about right now? To most DirectX12 is  Microsoft’s answer to the recent threat of OpenGL and AMD’S Mantle API.

So did Microsoft learn from their competition in the last few years, and especially have they learned from Mantle?Yes, they did.

Microsoft’s DirectX12 main objective is to improve the performance of the processor by 50%, and it’s mainly what Mantle does.

With DirectX12 Microsoft intends to fix the biggest problem that DirectX11 had, with the advantage of using multi-core utilization, this is how it will allow the processor performance to improve by 50%.

This will not only bring new tools to the developers to make the development for the Xbox One and other platforms easier but will definitely improve and help the Xbox One to achieve 60FPS.

But let’s kill out some rumors first before we advance to speak about DirectX12, around the internet it’s being said that the Xbox One features dGPU, I can finally confirm that this is not true and below is a Tweet from Microsoft’s Albert Penello, the Director of Product Planning for the Xbox One.

But how will DX12 behave with Microsoft’s custom CPU & GPU? We don’t know yet, but Microsoft can indeed open up more power from those combined.

Microsoft’s DirectX Team has definitely been in contact with the Xbox One Hardware design team, and the custom made order of 3 Billion dollars from Microsoft to AMD was for nothing? Doesn’t seem like it. Maybe we will only see Xbox One’s full potential later this generation when both DX12 and the Azure Cloud are combined.

With 50% saved processing power, by DX12 will allow the developers to dig deeper than before. But will the esRAM cause trouble? After all it’s what most people are pointing out at Xbox One’s bottleneck. I honestly think that it’s a matter of tools and knowledge.

Resolution wise, we’ll have to wait for the exclusives to see if it’s a studio/Developer’s team problem or not. There isn’t much we can do right now besides knowing that Forza 5 DOES INDEED run at 1080p, so we know that the console is capable of holding 1080p.

Right now it seems the Xbox One is harder to develop on it, than the Playstation 4. What we have to do is to wait and see more games from First Party developers, and see what they can do with the Xbox One.

Since they’re the ones who know more about the console.

Speaking about Mobile Phones, DX 12 will bring the following new features to them :

Improved Power Efficiency:

Every milliwatt counts in Mobile.
Mobile consumers want top mobile games and GUIs in less than three watts.
- Performance/mW is key.
Draw call cost should reduce significantly with new Direct3D 12 runtime, improving power efficiency.
Improved Performance for Mobile:

Content is becoming more advanced each year: e.g. concurrency with compute, advanced games, etc.
More efficient use of multicore CPU with the new Direct3D 12 runtime will help.
Lower graphics API overhead will also help snapdragon maximize performance.
Scalability and Portability:

Clean API that allows us to support a board range smartphones and tablets.
Unified runtime will ease the porting of PC and console content to mobile platforms.

Right now it seems that the Multi Core CPU and the lower graphics API (which reminds us again of Mantle) is what making the DX 12 so interesting. Each new year new tech comes in and new updates are being developed to the current API’s established in the market.

The Windows Phone didn’t really have a good start in the first place so if we assume that the DX12 will be Windows Phone exclusive and be the “Mantle” of the Mobile Phones we can expect a fully smooth gaming experience in the future without a doubt even in low end mobile phones.

At the end of the day DirectX12 is looking like a better Mantle for all platforms, but is it gonna turn out to be true we’ll have to wait and see.

Tell us in the comments below your thoughts on DX12.


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  • http://none Brian Blair

    I am just glad the DX11 GPU’s will be compatible with DX12. I just got my MSI GTX 650 Ti about 8-9 months ago. And that would be a pain for it to become obsolete that quick. I plan to use it for 2 years before I upgrade it. So for everyone with Nvidia cards, All Fermi, and Kepler and Maxwell will all be compatible with DX12. AMD says it will support DX12 on all GCN hardware, but they have said nothing about HD 5000/6000 series GPU’s.

    • Brian Blair

      Well I replaced my 650 Ti anyway. I got a R9 270 since the prices on them were so good. I figured I should take the opportunity to grab a powerful GPU while I could. I basically just wanted a 2GB GPU so I had the R7 265 in mind first, But when I found the R9 270 for just $20 more I was very happy. Now I have a Mantle ready and DX12 ready GPU. And I still have my 650 Ti for backup.

  • cozomel

    Sounds like alot of wishful thinking to me. MS said they are using X1′s API on DX12, so how different can DX12 really be on X1. And the cloud, because of latencies and bandwidth will never work. All the meanwhile, with is the opposing side just gonna sit there and never get better. What we will see is the normal prgression of slightly imporved graphics from the 1st generation wave of games to the last. But this will be true for PS4, X1 and Wii U. You fanboys need to literally get your heads out of the cloud. Remember before DX12, it was Tiled Resources and before that it was DX11, and their mono/stereo driver, and the dGPU and the stack GPU, and its only more powerful on paper, and the list goes on. You fanboys never learn. Biggest fools on the planet.