How Microsoft could benefit from purchasing both Crytek & Capcom


With the recent news that both Crytek & Capcom could be at the brink (or be already) of financial issues, many fans are wondering who could buy the companies or  the IP’s.

One of the names that is thrown out most, is Microsoft. Not only to it’s needs to add more first party studios to the pool of studios that already have but also to make sure they could get the edge on the Japanese market by purchasing Capcom.

watchdogs-header06-600x300But let’s start with Crytek and then we’ll talk about Capcom shall we?

Would Microsoft benefit a lot from purchasing Crytek itself? Yes, not only because of the games IP but because of the Cry Engine itself.

First of all the Cry Engine would be the most important part of Crytek, if Microsoft had the Cry Engine property themselves they could allow first party developers to have access to the engine free of charge plus it could be a great deal for ID@Xbox developers to join in the program and get free access to the CryEngine.

The Cry Engine subscription services would also provide profit for the company if the prices and services attached to it could be adjust to make it easy for those wishing to buy the license of the engine.

In theory just for the engine itself is already worth buying the company but what about it’s games? Microsoft could accomplish on getting Homefront to become a exclusive to the console. (after Homefront: Revolution or even in this game)

CRIMSON-Crysis-2-620x300They could even continue or reboot the Crysis franchises, making it exclusive to PC & Xbox. Alongside Crysis and Homefront, there’s a very important IP on the list.. Timesplitters who would definitely bring gamers to the Xbox One.

I could continue explaining on how Crytek would be a benefit for Microsoft but so far the reasons stated above already seem interesting enough, I could even mention Warface as a Xbox One free to play game as well.

But let’s talk about how Capcom would help Microsoft to capture the Japanese Market shall we?

Even though Microsoft is improving the way they deal with the Japanese Market, they’re still missing a important piece which is Japanese developers and it’s games.

Scalebound is a Japanese game from Platinum Games and it looks great no doubt, but so far it seems that it’s a bit far away. By purchasing Capcom not only they could secure IP’s such as Resident Evil & Dead Rising but bring to the Japanese market games done by Japanese developers, games that the Japanese market wants.

capcom-620x300The Monster Hunter franchise seems to be popular worlwide isn’t it? Imagine if Microsoft manage to grab the IP.

By being exclusive games to the Xbox One it would help the sales and reputation of the company in the country, it would also improve relationship with the developers there and fans from the West would benefit by having more Japanese games.

Capcom purchase seems to be a win to win to both Microsoft and the fans in the west, as well the improvement of the Xbox brand in Japan.

Contrary to what most people, Microsoft could indeed buy a Japanese company and this would give Microsoft the necessary edge they definitely need in Japan right now.

What’s your thoughts on both companies being purchased by Microsoft? Do you think it will be a good move?

Let us know in the comments.


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Author: Pedro Relvas View all posts by
Hey guys, I'm the Editor in Chief of Pure|News ! Feel free to send me a tweet at @JohnnyRelvas! Let us know your opinion about the website and it's content on the comment section! Also don't mind the grammar we're from Portugal, and we're doing our best to improve it! :)
  • blinkybill

    Hi only one problem with that japan has a law states that a non japanese company can’t buy control of a japanese company.

    • Pedro Relvas

      Hey Bli,

      Thanks for your comment to start with.

      I think it’s possible to buy it in terms of shares right? Buying the company does indeed give access to it’s IP’s right? Supposedly it can’t take full control but can take influence in decisions? (Not backing anything up, just asking!)

      Thanks mate!

  • Ujn Hunter

    Dear Microsoft,
    Stay the hell away from Capcom. You can have Crytek. Thank you.

    -Long time Xbox & Xbox 360 fan who doesn’t give two craps about Xbox One.


    I agree with Ujn Hunter……. And no I do not believe that companies need to “buy” their success and that they should show through their commitment to the consumer by doing right by them. As in releasing quality IP’s that stand up to the hype they promote…..

    • Pedro Relvas

      Hey You,

      Indeed, I agree with you but instead of the IP’s disappearing and never heard from them again I would personally rather see them going to someone else’s hands who would use it :)!

      Thanks for your comment.

  • mike

    Hi guys,
    Just checked the staff page, and I think it is safe to say ‘força e sorte, malta’ ;)

    • Pedro Relvas

      Thanks (Obrigado) Mate! (A representar Portugal)

      Glad you read it! ;)

  • Vulcan Angels

    The Japanese market/culture cares more about mobile phone games than it does with consoles & xbox one. So Microsoft hypothetical purchasing of Capcom truly would not help them in that region as much as you imagine.

    My opinion on Crytek is that they have made poor business decisions, and their engines future won’t stand up to Unreal 4, Frostbite, questionably Luminous, and Fox engines.

    Microsoft buying Crytek would just push developers outside of the Microsoft bubble even further away from Microsoft. Developers would have to give up so much “freedom” to work with Microsoft if they had an engine tech. Think about it how many developers solely fly under the Microsoft flag?

    I respect your opinions, but I pray twice a day to the gaming gods that Microsoft doesn’t get its software money on either one of these boards.

    Plus I have a feeling that this is Microsofts last console, and predict them selling off the Xbox brand after this gen.

  • Andrew

    Capcom would be a bad idea for Microsoft, Capcom, and gamers. Capcom doesn’t need Microsoft money that badly. Nothing is going to make Japan like the Xbox brand, not even Monster Hunter (which is a portable franchise anyway). The only thing such a move on Microsoft’s part would amount to would be asset denial to Nintendo and Sony and further crippling of the Japanese video game market. Keep your mitts to yourself there, Microsoft.

    On the other hand, go nuts on Crytek. Crytek’s technology and patents probably have some value, their franchises are pretty meh.

  • Xboxfan3600ne

    It would be great if they bought both companies Crytek and Capcom. I want a new dragons dogma for the One!

  • RobLoPR

    Very well writen… i was indeed thinking the exact same thing. Microsoft has the financial ability to back both these project up. The Cry Engine alone would be worth it, and Capcom would definetly help Microsoft in Japan.

    • Pedro Relvas

      Thanks for the kind words Robo!

      Glad that you enjoyed the article! If the Cry Engine subscription has a few changes, I’m pretty sure it will get ahead of the Unreal Engine in the market. Also regarding Capcom remember that Monster Hunter would make Japanese people buy an Xbox One in a blink of an eye