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By Pedro Relvas, September 4, 2014 0 PC, PS4, XBOX One

Styx: Master of Shadows, the infiltration game developed by Cyanide Studio has just got one more gameplay video released. This Summer Trailer invites us to follow Styx, the two-century old Goblin whose main occupation is thievery and assassination, as he… Read More »

By Pedro Relvas, September 2, 2014 0 PC

More and more details are surfacing about the upcoming Windows 9. This time around, Microsoft China accidentally revealed the logo (above) revealing Windows 9 officially. No features or clues were given however it was said it was “Coming Soon”. We… Read More »

By Pedro Relvas, August 31, 2014 0 PC, PS4, XBOX One

Rockstar has been quite quiet about the GTA V versions of both Xbox One & Playstastion 4 lately. And since there has been no talks what so ever lately, a fan asked Rockstar Support about if any of this two… Read More »

By Pedro Relvas, August 31, 2014 0 PC

Lords of The Fallen one of the most anticipated games of this year, especially by those who are fans of the Dark Souls franchise just had it’s system requirements of the PC version revealed. It seems like there won’t even… Read More »

By Pedro Relvas, August 29, 2014 0 PC, PS3, PS4, XBOX One, XBOX360

It was announced today that Saints Row IV is getting a standalone expansion entitled Gat out of Hell! Johnny Gat and Kinzie Kensington embark on a quest to save The President/God Emperor of the Universe from Hell’s infernal city of… Read More »

By Pedro Relvas, August 26, 2014 0 PC

Many members that are in the recent The Crew Beta Test on the PC version have reported that the game is locked at 30 FPS. However regarding this recent comments in the community, Ubisoft has released a statement. Writing on… Read More »

By Pedro Relvas, August 26, 2014 0 PC

Interstellar Marines a Indie game that is well known by Steam Early Access users has just confirmed that has sold more than 100k copies today. The game has performed since launching on Early Access last year. In total (not just… Read More »

By Pedro Relvas, August 21, 2014 0 PC

Known as codename “Threshold”, it’s the upcoming new operative system of Microsoft. But the consumer will know it as Windows 9. One of The Verge’s unnamed source has revealed that Windows 9 might get unveiled in a press conference on… Read More »

By Pedro Relvas, August 21, 2014 0 PC, PS4, XBOX One

Eletronic Arts and Visceral Games have release, seven new screenshots of the upcoming cop themed Battlefield : Hardline. Screenshots below : Battlefield : Hardline will be released early 2015 on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and the PC.

By Pedro Relvas, August 19, 2014 0 PC, PS4, XBOX One

The developers behind The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt have released a 35 minute gameplay demo of the upcoming game. Watch it below : The game is scheduled to launch February 24th, 2015 and will be available on PC, PlayStation… Read More »