The Amazing Spider Man 2

7.5 Overall Score
Special effects: 9/10
Story: 7/10
Acting: 7/10

Spider Man is funnier than ever | Electro is a interesting and well done villian | Jamie Foxx and many other actors did a great job | Amazing special effects paired with great direction | Fun soundtrack |Good amount of story | |

The Romance | Not finishing the Rhino fight | Goblin should have had more screen time|

Spider Man is one of the most iconic superheroes of all time, and that’s true no one really knows what I it’s about the web swinger that makes him so damn popular, but he gave us the Sam Remi Spider Man trilogy and I think for everyone that grew up with it it has a special place in our hearts, so when the first Amazing Spider Man came out I was interested.


And it was all right I guess. It was a decent film, I thought that Spider Man was well done in that film but they completely fumbled the villain and he was one of my favorites from the comics so that didn’t give me any hopes for the villain of the sequel, and when they announced it was 3 villains my mind was in Spider Man 3 and how badly that worked.

So let’s get something straight from the beginning, this film villain is Electro. The Green Goblin plays a big part in the film but only shows up in villain glory towards the end, and Rhino the big teased fight is the last fight in the movie and isn’t finished  which is left for the sequel.

The story picks up after the first one. Spider Man is out being Spider Man stopping whatever crime he comes across and Gwen Stacy is being Gwen Stacy, nothing overly interesting but the first scene with Spider Man stopping criminals gives us a great look at the movies humor and it’s pretty damn good. Spider Man knows how strong he is and he just has fun with things while still saving innocents lives, from whistling the Spider Man theme while kicking ass to just making fun of the obviously powerful bad guys. This movie managed to be funny and have its dramatic moments while still retaining its spirit, that’s pretty damn impressive.

Spider Man is haunted by the death of Gwen’s dad and he tries to stay away from her but finds he just can’t do it because they are both in love. This leads to the worst part of the movie and I might as well talk about it now because there isn’t much to say, the romance is awful, god awful its so damn cliche and standard.

And if that was underplayed that would be fine but it’s not, it drags on so goddamn much and it just drags the movie down immensely. Because on one side you have fun jokes fun action, interesting villains good plot treads to follow and with the action being so well shot with amazing camera movements and great special effects that surprisingly surprised me. And on the other side you have Peter and Gwen talking and talking and talking, shot of Gwen’s face, shot of Peter’s face, rinse and repeat, this was so boring and it brought the whole movie down especially when there was so much more happening in the story.

Harry Osborn comes back to town after he learns that his father is ill. They don’t really get along but his father being a father gives Harry all of his research on his families genetic disease that would kill Harry otherwise, so Harry becomes obsessed about finding a cure for his impending demise. Harry and Peter have been friends and they have some nice getting to know each other again moments.

Now let’s talk about Electro, and I really do like this guy so lets jump right in. Max Dillon is a fumbling socially awkward no friends type guy, so much so that when Spider Man saves his life and tells him that he is someone and that he matters, he becomes obsessed with this, it’s like having Chuck Norris tell you your bad ass you’d never get over it you know.

He develops essentially a obsession with Spider Man, he then has the accident that turns him into Electro, able to do all kinds of crazy stuff, he at first is confused and scared of all this power, he can see the power grids in everything and he stumbles into times square causing a scene and getting  Spider Man’s attention, they talk for a bit as Electro tries to get his powers under control. Spider Man even tells the police not to shoot at him, Dillon at this point has his face on the screens of times square and he no longer feels invisible, a stupid police officer shoots Dillion which only serves to piss him off making Spider Man stop him and all the cameras turn on Spiderman, this really pisses Dillon off as most celebrity obsessions turn violent eventually Electro begins ravaging times square taking revenge on the people that never noticed him.


This is great, and what people don’t understand is before you make a supervillian you need to make a villain you need to make a criminal with mental issues you need to make that character human before you make him superhuman that is how a character works and they didn’t get that when they made The Lizard and they got that now they nailed that in Electro and every time he was on screen Jamie Fox brought this great character to life, he acted great, he looked great, he sounded great, this was a great movie villain.

I’m not going to spoil much of what happens but Oscorp starts to turn on Harry because they don’t want him in charge, this leads to some drastic moves on Harry’s part, I really like what they did with his character and even when he turns into the insane goblin he’s closer to the comics and I thought it worked, I just wish I saw more of him and Rhino instead of just the few teasers to the next movie that we saw, oh I forgot to mention this but Rhino is hilarious, Paul Giamatti overacts the hell out of this role and it fits because Rhino is just a dumb ass thug who gets this power (or in this case robot suit) and just goes wild with it I really liked his small part in the film.THE-AMAZING-SPIDER-MAN-2

There’s a lot of great little touches here and there, both visually and with the great soundtrack, I joked that Electro had the power of Dubstep because they did this fight scene where they synced up the Dubstep music with Electro’s blasts and I would call it silly If it wasn’t one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen, I liked every single character expect one, but he’s only in the film for about 15 minutes so I can’t complain that much, it was just this stupid German scientist who experiments on Electro, he just had the stupid accent and it was silly and out of place.

There actually is a lot that goes in the story, we find out more about peters parents and we have some really great heartfelt moments with aunt may who did a great job in this film the acting really was top notch all around, it was just a clever film, Spider Man actually had to do some tinkering in order for his web slinger’s to resist Electro’s lighting and things like that and I got to tell you I don’t get hyped for many films nowadays but I’m pretty damn hyped for the 3rd film in this franchise I really hope it does good because it has a great amount of set up in this one.

The Amazing Spider Man 2 has a lot to love in it, it’s just too bad the romance distracted so much from it, it took up way to much screen time that could have been devoted to other characters and plot, and you either love or hate the ending probably. I like it and any comic fan will be giving the thumbs up that they kept elements of the original story and again any comic fan knows what comes next just to hype the hell out of you I’m going to end this with a list of villains teased for the next film.








Rhino (ending the fight)

Green Goblin



Mysterio (speculation)

Also there was a post credits, but it was X-Men Day’s of Future Past footage, so if anyone knows whats up with that feel free to tell me.


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  • Mike

    Why is everyone moaning about the German scientist. Ever occur to anyone that this might be Doctor Octopus. Hence the accent and the amount of screen time

    • Miguel Felix

      I hope to every god that exists that you are wrong.