inFAMOUS : Second Son

7.5 Overall Score
Story: 9/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Content : 7/10

Great Story Line | Smoke & Neon Powers are fun to use | The characters | An outstanding soundtrack used in the gameplay & cut scenes | Good and Bad decisions impact the story| The Graphics & the destruction |

Gameplay & Content get repetitive | Open world missions are always the same | Clue Tracking missions were boring & frustrating

I wasn’t sure about the game till I tried it, and it’s fun and addictive but sometimes repetitive.

inFAMOUS : Second Son takes place after the events in  inFAMOUS 2. We play as Delsin a a rebel graffiti artist, who spends most of his time getting in trouble with the law, due to his older brother being the sheriff and always arresting him this creates problems in their relationship, which you will notice thorough the game.

Delsin acquires his powers, when a military truck crashes in the middle of the road. Delsin then tried to help one of the prisoners escaping the crash, and when he touched him he had a vision of how that prisoner acquired his powers and ended up in that crash. Upon receiving this powers Delsin goes after the prisoner to get some answers, after some time pursuing him the prisoner and him get caught by Augustine the  D.U.P Leader, during the cut scene the game requires you to make a good or bad choice and that will influence the characters and the story.

In my story the reason for Delsin and Reggie to go to Seattle is to get acquire Augustine powers to save their friends and family who got hurt from the encounter.  The DUP is a law enforcement agency in the world of inFAMOUS, they were created to capture all the remaining Conduits after the events in inFAMOUS 2, they will be Delsin’s primary enemy alongside with their leader Augustine.


In terms of story and the characters themselves, I was impressed on how they were written. Each one had their own personality and they had personality crashes between each other, as we advance thorough the story we’ll see how Delsin’s relationship with Reggie develops.  We can say that Delsin starts out as a rebel but as the story develops he starts to acknowledge the things he did wrong and tries to show to the other characters that matter, to such characters like Fetch.

What I really liked in the story is that they had time to develop each character that Delsin meets and both of the two endings stay true to those character developments depending on the player choice to be good or bad.  For example a wrong choice made by Delsin had an impact later on. The humor was another point that the studio got right, the characters make puns and references related to the development of the characters via humor when Delsin is heading to a mission or an objective, they even make fun of the typical cliche talks.

Reggie ‘s alerts to Delsin about hurting the innocents and the powerless, do matter for Delsin and they have an impact on his development. overall the story was great and was my favorite part of the game followed by the content, however the gameplay is another story.

Gameplay wise, the game is fun and has a lot of content. As soon as we arrive with Delsin on Seattle, we immediately see the amount of the content that exists in this open world game.

Delsin starts out with the Smoke power, it allows him to do such abilities such as : smoke bombs, smoke missiles, smoke shots , melee related smoke attacks and a ultimate dive bomb. Each of his powers can be upgrade via Shards that players collect thoroughout the game, there’s some special evolutions of that power that require you either to be “Good” or “Bad” however.


So how do you collect good points and bad points? Good points can be collected by subduing enemies, healing civilians and taking the good choices in the cut scene. For the bad points you gotta obliterate an enemy, kill civilians and choosing the bad choices in the cut scene, pretty much the way it worked in inFAMOUS2. There’s also  some random events spread thorough the game that will allow you to earn these type of points, there are events for both of them.

In terms of the powers, they are really fun to use when compared to the previous games of the franchise. This time around you’ll unlock new powers via the story line faster, unfortunately there’s only two additional powers which are the Neon and Video power.

Personally I loved Neon power, it was great shooting blue & pink missiles and lasers however the Video was very disappointing and under powered.  The video power was basically using invisibility and sword attacks alongside a boring ultimate that calls in demons and angels.

The boss fights were well thought and the mechanics of them managed to pull fun encounters. However there’s is one or two bosses which I didn’t liked at all due to the encounter becoming very repetitive without any dynamic elements what so ever.

Certain missions such as Clue Tracking were unnecessary, they were frustrating and boring and I hope the developers think twice before putting them in their next game. There were moments where I didn’t know where to go and it felt it was wasting my time instead of giving me normal missions.

I liked the way they dealt with the good & bad system, it has evolved a bit since the previous game but it’s still the same thing essentially there wasn’t a big evolution and it’s something the game is still lacking.


Each section of the town has territory’s and all of them are controlled by the DUP. To get rid of them off the streets players gotta do secondary missions and random events, there’s a different type of missions and random events but the problem is that they become repetitive each time we got into a new zone of the city.

I did in fact enjoy the time I spent in the world of inFAMOUS but I was very disappointed that each time I go into a new territory in the city it’s just the same old missions all over again.

The sound design was quite good, the soundtracks were one of the best I’ve ever seen in an action game mixing up rock with metal totally fits Delsin’s character and the type of combat we see in the game. The gameplay felt very epic on the boss fights with the soundtracks used in them.

inFAMOUS: Second Son show’s how powerful the Playstation 4 is and that it can deliver games with an impressive records while still running at 1080p and above the 30 frames per second mark. There’s however some frame drops in environments with explosions and building destruction.

The destruction in the game is better than before, although it’s selective destruction for example certain buildings and towers but it’s better than the last game as it shows evolution on a graphics engine that wasn’t made for destruction. Most of the D.U.P towers and buildings can be destroyed which gives players an opportunity to think about their tactics before attacking, they can use the environment against the enemy with the destruction.

The Anti Aliasing is well executed however we can notice that it’s due to the Anti Aliasing that the frames drop lot in certain moments.


One of the things that I was more impressed was with the character’s facial animation, most of the cut scenes in the game requires the characters to use the facial expression as a way to show  their feeling while they were talking, and this is something that I can say that was amazingly well done by the team at Sucker Punch, this and the voice acting.

The voice acting was as good as the Last of Us. I might even think that this game had better voice acting than Last of Us even due to the fact that the characters well synchronized with the voice acting which made a very good experience in the cutscenes.

I loved doing a entire playthorough of the story line, but I don’t recommend this as a game for those who want to finish the game and dedicate themselves to the world. Doing another playthorough as a bad guy? Sure, but dedicating my time only to the open world missions? thats not really fun.

Overall inFAMOUS : Second Son was a great experience in terms of story line, however the gameplay and content get repetitive too fast. It’s not easy develop a game with super heroes but making an open world game that get’s quickly repetitive in both it’s gameplay & content is something that shouldnt happen, so be mindfull of this when buying the game, there is alot of fun to be had, but you might get tired of it sooner than not.



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