Line of Defense Tactics: Tactical Advantage

7 Overall Score
Graphics: 7/10
Content: 7/10
Gameplay: 7/10

The Controls | Camera view |Squad Abilities | Challenging | Skirmish Mode | Running with the same quality on all platforms |Set in the world of Line of Defense

Only 16 missions | Not supposed to be played on the PC | Not for all players

Line of Defense is an upcoming MMO from 3000AD,However before the MMO, they decided to create a companion app, which is in fact a real time strategy squad game, lets take a look at it.

Recently many games from both iOS and Android are making the jump to platforms such as Steam, and Line of Defense Tactics is one of those who did.

Line of Defense Tactics: Tactical Advantage, puts players in charge of four space marines, who go on missions in different locations ranging from inside ships to planets. The game is very easy to learn,if you are a veteran or a new player  to the genre, you will quickly understand what to do, in short players have to move their soldiers from cover to cover while deciding on how to engage the enemy. (either stealthy or guns blazing)

Players are able to chose the way they want to attack their enemies, there’s a good amount of equipment to put to use. If you’re more of a stealthy style player you can always use a stun grenade and flank the enemy by the left or right while the other squad mate is suppressing the enemy.

Abilities such as Medic’s Healing feels right and are not overpowered contrary to what I thought before playing the game, every ability in the game feels balanced and even if you want to be “Rambo” thorough the game, the healing is not gonna help you along by itself.

The missions are well designed, and they are sometimes a challenge due to the amount of enemies on the screen requiring the player to take even more careful decisions before commanding the squad. There’s a great balance between easy and hard missions but at the end of the day it ends up on when and what the player decides to do.

If you’re more of a “all in” player, you can just rush and hope that it works, although using cover is highly advisable. What I like about this game is that it allows me to quickly command the squad to attack/move by just tapping the screen on both tablet and phone versions, if you have played a RTS  on the previous mentioned devices you’ll understand that the most frustrating thing in this genre is to get easy to go controls and Line of Defense managed to do this perfectly.


There are some flaws with the AI taking time to decide what they want to do or where to move but they are minor and you don’t see them that often.

Although this game plays and feels right on the tablets and phones,playing Line of Defense on the PC platform doesn’t feel right. I feel like the game isn’t really made for this platform and Id rather play it on a go device, I’ve played countless RTS games in my life on the PC platform and Line of Defense is the first one to make me feel like I’m not playing a title that should be playable on the PC.

The camera functions are great in all platforms we can move around the map perfectly by just dragging. Either we want to zoom in,zoom out, move right, move left everything regarding the camera feels in place another main issue from RTS games on this platform.

In terms of content there’s sixteen missions and a Skirmish mode available, you can easily finish the game in one or three hours but that depends on the player.


Graphic wise, Line of Defense Tactics: Tactical Advantage achieved to have the same graphic quality on all platforms and most importantly making it run smoothly, especially to the decision of using the Unity Engine.

Either playing on the PC or in other devices, the game runs equally on all versions and all of them run smooth. I didn’t notice any overheating on the mobile devices or frame drops (besides in explosions). I feel 3000AD made a great decision by choosing the Unity Engine to power they game and the results are well visible.

In conclusion Line of Defense Tactics: Tactical Advantage is a great RTS game that deserves to be played on both Tablet and Phone devices, it doesn’t feel right playing the PC however. If you’re looking for a well done RTS game made on a go platform with enough content to keep you busy plus a Skirmish mode this is the game for you.


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