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Loadout is one of those games that keeps me coming back due to the fact of having plenty of my favorite things : explosions, customization , humor , fun and it’s free. you heard that right.. It’s FREE…TO PLAY. And let’s get one thing clear right now, you can’t unlock anything besides vanity items with real life money so no pay 2 win here.

But first things first.  For those who haven’t had the chance to get to know Loadout, the game is a third person shooter that features an enormous weapon customization system alongside an amazing art style behind the comedic violence that the game has.

Loadout gameplay fits the fast pacing shooter games, that requires players to be running around and jumping as much as possible to be avoid getting shot. I’ll say that the type of movement in this game is much faster compared to games such as Team Fortress but this game reminds me very much of it due to it’s art style.


Every time you shoot someone and do a certain amount of damage there will be body parts that will either start getting damaged leaving only the bones of an arm or a leg for example. If you headshot someone and they manage to survive you’ll leave them with two eye balls and a small brain.its quite hilarious when you see it for yourself.

Loadout is a very fun game to play with friends, here at Pure|News we recently made a run of three persons and had a blast, any one of our editors will recommend you the game.

Just to give you a glimpse, once you start the game all the players are put in front of each other just like in a standoff and once the countdown ends you either dodge back or shoot to attempt to kill anyone.

Edge of Reality managed to create a competitive multiplayer game that doesn’t make you rage quit, in fact it makes you laugh when you die due to it’s death animations, whether it’s the middle finger coming up or running around with only legs once your upper body parts have been literally destroyed.

One of the best features in this game is the Weaponcrafting, which allows the players to create a huge combination of weapons and all of them of different types, there’s a lot of possibilities for you to chose and few are the times you meet someone else in the battlefield with the same gun as yours.

To start you can select either a Rifle, Launcher, Pulse or Beam. From there you can chose either you want it to be a Slug, Tesla(electric), Healing, Pyro or Juice(buffs) based gun, basing your weapon on healing allows you to shoot syringes that heal players you actually shoot at your friendly targets to heal them ( Ain’t that badass?)


There’s a sort of crazy combinations that you can do like for example a Sniper Rifle with a Tesla core that shoots powerful rounds that shock nearby players or even a pyro based gun that allows players every time they shoot at a target causing a damage over time effect of fire on them or even a  a Beam with Juice that will allow you to buff team mates with more health and speed.

But let me tell you more about the customization in the game, you can customize the weapon’s Stock, Scope, Magazine, Trigger and Barrel (12 types of barrels) each one of these has 5 different types of items to chose from. There’s a ton of combinations that you can create, but the most important thing is to create a weapon that fits your playstyle.

Creating a weapon to fit your playstyle might take you some time and failed atempts, but if you feel like trying a weapon before heading to the battle you can use the Test area that is available on the weapon crafting. The test area has placed characters just waiting there for you to shoot them to see how well your weapon performs, it only takes pressing ESC to leave the area.

You can also customize your weapons name, this makes for some funny momments when you pick up another players gun.

Now that we’re done let’s talk about the character’s customization.


There’s 3 characters to chose from, one guy that looks like Rambo, the other guy that looks like Mr.T and a women who looks likes hmmm… I don’t know, but her name is Helga and she is badass.

And all of them feature deep customization from head to toe. But this is where it requires payment, to customize your characters you have to buy gold with real life money and the prizes are quite alright for 15 euros/18 dollars you can totally customize the 3 characters, it doesn’t seem expensive at all.

Customization wise, you can fight with the look you want. Either naked, full soldier look,  wrestling look, gang look, mafia look or whatever you want, you name it you can do it in this game(there is even a colonial marines outfit from aliens).  The rambo guy IS the one with the most customization items so far but the developer confirmed that more is on the way as content patches are delivered.

There’s also a Tech Tree, that allows players to upgrade their current skills and to buy new skills such as healing grenades or shield. To buy anything in the game besides vanity items you need a currency called Blutes, this can be earned by playing online matches and during the Daily Prizes chest rewards.

The only problems I found so far, is the matchmaking that sometimes make parties of 3 split players throughout the two teams instead of putting them all on the same team.

In the technical department, Loadout does quite well especially on the optimization.


The game’s graphics are great for a free to play game. It doesn’t requires much processing power or Graphics power, any GPU from  NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or better can run the game. For those who have Netbooks or Hybrids I recommend you to play Loadout on it.

As a owner of a Surface Pro that has a Intel HD Graphics 4000 I attempted to play the game on a sub HD resolution and the game runs great at 60 FPS without any frame drops at all (Quality on LOW). For those who have a high end rig you should expect frames per second running around 150-200 even with V-Sync on.

In conclusion Loadout is one of the best free to play games I’ve ever played in my life, I recommend you to invite your friends to play with you and have a blast whether it’s versus the AI or actual players.  The game allows to any type of player to come in and have fun whether your a Sniper, a Run and Gunner or even a camper… erh.. I don’t think campers can actually camp in this game.. you can always try though!

Outstanding work Edge of Reality!


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