6.5 Overall Score
Content: 7/10
Gameplay: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Modding tools | Fast gameplay | All weapons unlocked at the start

Weapon Balance is unfair | Map design is not competitive | Game doesn't encourage team work | Doesn't play like a competitive game

From Plastic Piranha in collaboration with 505 games comes Rekoil.

Rekoil is a game that has been developed around the idea of competitive FPS gaming. For starters there’s no health regeneration, all equipment is unlocked at the start, arena based maps, fast movement that requires experience and training to be at skilled at.

But to be honest, I don’t think Rekoil knows what it wants to be, and this is one of the many topics that will be discussed in this review. How competitive is the game, and what type of audience it is trying to reach.

Rekoil has some heavy flaws for a game that is supposed to be competitive, for example bad map design, netcode issues, (creating lag problems, as players that go around the corner get killed instantly) and the worst of it all is the lack of players actually playing it, which makes a Multiplayer Only game pretty much obsolete.


As I’ve mentioned before this is a multiplayer only game and I’ll let you know immediately that there is no actual story just a snyopsis of what the game is about, we can compare this story to Free to Play games such as Combat Arms or Artic Combat for example.

In 2012 a pandemic spread across the western world. As the scope of the outbreak became clear, chaos rapidly spread, governments fell, financial institutions crumbled, and anarchy reigned. Out of the brutality, and desperate conditions, a new group of freedom fighters were born.

Besides this we don’t know much else about the story, there’s 2 factions and that’s it.


Gameplay wise, Rekoil is an interesting game due to it’s fast movement and iron sight ability ( that can be completely ignored if you use the cross hairs). Personally I enjoy the game’s fast pace that requires players to be as focused as possible, not only because of the movement but of the requirement of hearing enemy footsteps to make tactical decisions that can mean a kill or a death.

Rekoil quickly reminds me of the Counter Strike franchise but with iron sights, but once you start playing more and more you’ll understand that there are some things that don’t feel exactly right like for example to it’s run and gun mandatory gameplay, I find it complicated to compare it, but why did I chose the word “mandatory”?

The reason is that the game doesn’t allow you to be tactical or even “camp” , unlike Counter Strike this game doesn’t decrease accuracy when the players are shooting while running. Which makes me wonder what type of game is Rekoil trying to be, is it trying to be a Counter Strike? Or a Rise of the Triad like game?

Again the studio said they had the game development focused around E-Sports but as I’ve mentioned in the previous paragraph the game doesn’t really know what it wants to be, this makes me wonder what type of competitive players they are trying to reach.


It’s not for everyone I  assume. Call of Duty players might find it’s home here on Rekoil due to it’s run and gun style and arena based map design but at the end of the day those gamers aren’t the real audience that the studio is trying to reach, or are they?

There’s 5 classes in the game :  Assault, Sniper, Recon, RPGer and Heavy Gunner.

There aren’t any unlockables in the game, as everything has been unlocked  so any player can start with any weapon they want. In terms of customization, you can customize your character from the 5 presets and 7 different camouflages available for all the weapons.

The Map design intrigues my competitive side. Some years ago I used to play Call of Duty 4 in highly competitive ladders and Rekoil seems to lack essential balance in almost all maps. Certain maps like the Subway map, show how the spawn system is broken, so we have a game here that is competitive and has problems with the spawn system?

Well maybe. But worse than the spawning system is the weapon balance. There’s around 40 weapons in the game, this includes both primary,secondary and grenades but the game makes the player play with the most OP guns if he wants to kill anything (example : AK 47, Desert Eagle, Knife)


There’s players that run around in the map with just a knife, they just dodge every single bullet and run towards you with only wielding the knife in the hand. This type of gameplay reminds me of those horrible times of Modern Warfare’s 2 multiplayer, and as you’ve seen this game actually has many things close to the Call of Duty franchise.

Sniper Rifles don’t work as intended which are to be used in long range fights, and in this game both Sub Machine Guns and Assault Rifles beat Sniper Rifles in their own long range game. Some guns are more overpowered than others and there isn’t really any decent balance between classes.

There’s some Sub Machine Guns that are better than certain Assault Rifles on medium to long range combat, while there’s assault rifles that are better than SMG’s at close range, weapon balance broken? Check.

But if we take out the whole “Competitive” side of the game out and ask yourself,is the game fun? It is, the game is as much fun as any Call of Duty title because at the end of the day it’s what the game seems to be, just another Call of Duty that features the same problems and mistakes as any Call Of Duty game that came out after Call of Duty 4.

Now that I completely talked about the game’s “competitive” side and gameplay, I wanted to take some time to talk about one feature that to me is very important in PC Gaming, which is Modding.


Modding is one of those features in games that have been abandoned in the last few years due to Downloadable Content, and I give a positive note on Rekoil for allowing it’s players to mod the game the way they want it, with full modding support.

Rekoil brings a fully functional developer’s tools that allow modders to create whatever they want, and the developers even motivate modding teams to do it via modding tournaments and contests, so if you’re a modder and you interested in joining an active modding community with tools that allow you to do anything beyond your dreams, this is a good place for you and Rekoil seems to be betting on it happening.

As for the graphics, I found Rekoil to have Graphics comparable to games the games from the Counter Strike Source times which is not a bad thing for an indie studio that is asking 14 euros for it’s game. With all the options on maximum there wasn’t a single time a single that even one frame dropped, not even while using FRAPS.


Advanced  Graphics settings such as Anti Aliasing and SSAO are available in the game, but at the end of the day they don’t really make a huge difference. I did tested them out both on and off and I didn’t actually see a big difference, so if you have a low to medium rig you might be better off turning them off.

There has been some reports where the game optimization isn’t well, but as you can see in my personal experience I got nothing to say about it.

In conclusion I see Rekoil as a fun gun and run game, not as a competitive game however. If you’re willing to pay 14 euros for a first person shooter that equals Call of Duty although without any unlock system but that does have modding tools, this is the game for you.

We remind you that at the time of this review, the game only had 14 persons online playing.


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