Steelseries APEX Gaming Keyboard

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Features: 9/10
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Customization : 9/10

The amount of customization allowed | Macro Keys | Big and comfortable | Low-Profile & Anti Ghost Keys | Illumination

More Arrow Keys than you need |

In the last few years I’ve been using only mechanical keyboards for both my gaming and works needs.

But ever since I’ve got my hands on the Steelseries APEX, I have totally changed my mind about using only mechanical keyboards.

The Steelseries APEX Gaming Keyboard might have been the largest and best non mechanical keyboard I’ve ever used, not only due to it’s entire composition as it is but also due to it’a great amount of customization that allows the player to create an insane amount macros.


So let’s get down to inspect the keyboard shall we?

Before I start the fully inspection on the keyboard, I have to point out even though this is not a mechanical keyboard I feel better using this than an mechanical keyboard. Maybe it’s because I haven’t used any other keyboard besides a mechanical or maybe it is because of the Anti Ghosting keys without the feeling of mechanical, but it’a simply great to use this keyboard.

The first thing you will notice about it’s keyboard besides being insanely large it’s gonna be the arrow keys, instead of having the Up, Down,Left and Right we get the unusual addition of two more keys of UpLeft and UpRight it is quite strange as I’ve never found any use for them so far.

The second thing you will notice is how the space bar looks like a giant fat rectangle, it is big but is it conformable and easy to click on it? Surprisingly it is and right now I don’t wanna change my space bar for a long time as I’ve just got used to this one which allows me to click on it even with my smallest finger (it is easier to click and you don’t even need to use any minimal strength on it)

To be honest I really like this keyboard especially for the amount of Macros you can create alongside custom buttons in games like World of Warcraft where you have a great number of buttons to click. You have around 14 additional buttons to use if you’re in need of extra buttons in your games.


These keys can be find on the left side of the keyboard right next to both ESC and the left end side of the keyboard. I’ve been using them so far and it makes my life so much easier in World of Warcraft where I have to have potions/crowd control/ chat macros.

But the keyboard doesn’t excel only due to it’s macros and being large, but also for it’s low-profile keys which I’ve found to not be annoying at all compared to the mechanical keys of most keyboards, who might give the people in your room without headphones an headache. (Sorry Mom!)

APEX surprised me by being very but very conformable in long gaming sessions, especially when I play games such as Wargame: Red Dragon where I spend close to 2 to 3 hours in a single battle without having time to rest my wrists and APEX allows the player to play and have it’s wrists relaxed.

The design of the keyboard looks and feels great, the bottom of the keyboard was thought for players who spend countless hours playing.

But one of the most talked features by gamers is the illumination of the keyboard, along with illumination on almost every key in the keyboard you can also illuminate the big Steelseries logo on the top and the Windows key below. As soon as I’ve installed the keyboard and it’s drivers I downloaded Steelseries Engine.

The Steelseries Engine allows to the player to modify it’s illumination with the colors that we love. Alongside that we can also customize the keys for the macros.


In the final verdict, the APEX Gaming Keyboard is one of the best keyboards ever released on the market for those who wish to play in a big and conformable keyboard that it’s not mechanical. The only thing I have to point out is the existence of those arrow keys who I am yet to find out what they’re for.

But in the end don’t be scared by it’s enormous size, the keyboard is totally conformable and if not the best for those long gaming sessions.

Steelseries APEX Gaming Keyboard is the best non mechanical keyboard that you can purchase right now on the Market, it’s big and it gives to the player the power of customization accompanied by illuminated keys and the best non-mechanical keys available!


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  • staticfx

    Ahh you want to know some interesting tidbits about this KB and SteelSeries ? Pull up a chair.. Let me start by saying Over 1 year ago I opened a ticket with them because I found that my new APEX would not light up the Letters or Numpad Orange – it was yellow.. some back and forth wnet on and I got a new one! Yay…? nope.. also wont light up orange!?? Some more back and forth It is discovered that this is a HARDWARE flaw that EXISTS IN ALMOST ALL APEX keyboards. They said I would get notified when it has been fixed. That was in December. Now after many attempts for updates, I have been blocked from their Facebook page and they do not respond to emails or ticket updates. Do you have an APEX? Want to test this out? Open the SS Engine, and set ALL zones to the preset orange color (FFFF6400) then save.Not orange is it? Its more like Yellow. This is because it has a hardware flaw. it also does it with other colors as well (like FFFF0080 – which shows as purple and not magenta) So. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT BUY ONE. Or if you have one, then PLEASE COMPLAIN! They have lied by saying this KB can light up to any of the 16.8 million colors. Thank you for listening.

    • Pedro Relvas

      Hey Static,

      I’ll give it a go!

      Thanks for your comment.