Watch Dogs

8 Overall Score
Story: 7/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

The Hacking | Climax of the story | The detailed graphics | The amount of side mission content | It's fun and entertaining | Great Voice Acting | Digital Trips are awesome

Resolution on both consoles doesn't reach 1080p | Story is repetitive till the climax | Not many ways to spend money

Ever since it’s announcement in E3, fans have been incredibly excited for the release of Watch Dogs. And when it finally happened last month some people were dissapointed due to the graphics downgrade compared to the E3 version.

I wasn’t dissapointed at all, due to the fact that Watch Dogs is still a very beautiful game. But being a graphics power house doesn’t mean your game is great, not by a long shot, but in the case of Watch Dogs we can say that it’s a game with great graphics and also fun to play.

But we’ll talk about both graphics & gameplay down the road, right now we’re gonna focus on the story.


Watch Dogs story focuses heavily on the technology of today’s world and how it impacts our way of life. The game shows how everything is connected and how important information is.

The game is set in Chicago and we play as Aiden Pearce a hacker who has access to the entire city’s infrastructure either it’s someone’s phone, tablet, computers or even cameras.

We follow Aiden throughout the game to find out who is behind his niece’s death, this motive will take the player to investigate conspiracy’s and secrets.

Most of the story will be spent around Aiden trying to save his kidnapped sister from his ex-partner Damien Brenks, which after some missions becomes a exhausted and repetitive plot.

Aiden is a vigilante, you can think of him the way you think of Dexter from the TV series or….batman. In the game most of the missions, you have to take down the enemies instead of killing them.

Watch Dogs story has both interesting and bad moments. There’s certain missions which are dedicated to “emotional” scenes, which establish the characters to the player and allows them to connect and understand them better, however the story doesn’t pull enough of them for the player to actually “care” about them.

The story’s supporting characters are interesting but not explored enough. This is the case of Jordi Chin, a character with a well thought out personality which is not explored at all and sometimes the plot just drags him to places where it doesn’t make any sense.


The other bad moment is the focus on Aiden’s sister kidnapping which becomes the main topic of the plot for most of the game, basically Aiden is gonna have to do dirty work’s most of the game to get his sister back. I won’t tell you anything else to spoil you, but just becomes boring after one or two missions.

In the end, the story and it’s characters are interesting but not explored enough and quickly becomes repetitive in some cases.

Gameplay wise, the game is fun no doubt, the game is basically what you saw from the trailers hack traffic lights, camera’s, cellphones, steam pipes and so on.

The Hacking is a interesting and fresh concept. It’s basically what you do in the entire game when you’re not shooting or driving. You can hack almost everything in the game like I’ve stated above, you can use hacking as a way to escape the police or to get inside cameras or data centers to complete your mission’s objectives.

To make hacking almost “mandatory” while the player is in the car, there’s no Drive-By GTA style where you can pull your gun out of the window and start shooting. In Watch Dogs you only have your driving skills and your hacking ability, which brings a fresh gameplay style to the car chases.

Watch Dogs features an enormous amount of side content, either it’s Gangs Hideout, Criminal Convoys, lost weapon shipments and so on, even when you finish the game there’s a lot to do for you to reach the 100%.

In terms of where to spend the money, there’s not much to do. You can spend in buying new weapons, cars, clothes or equipment the game seems to give the player to much money even though there’s almost nothing to spend it on.

The game has a talent system like RPG games, when you level up your given a point where you can spend it in the talents tree’s of hacking, combat, driving or crafting.

In short, Watch Dogs gameplay is great, fun and action packed, what really sells it’s gameplay it’s definitley the hacking. Using the Blackout skill to turn off the electricity on an entire block or even stopping a train to catch it these unique moments in Watch Dogs really stand out.


Watch Dogs multiplayer reminds me a lot of Grand Theft Auto 4. It has the whole open world, looking for players sense, however there’s a diferent thing going on in Watch Dogs, in the multiplayer portion of the game all players will see themselves as Aiden Pearce on their game but the others players will look like random civilians, making it feel like each player is the one and only main character of the game.

Online players can also join your single player game, and start hacking you. This feature however can be turned off in the options.

We’re going to finish the review by talking about the graphics.

Watch Dogs is one of  the few games who feels truly next generation in terms of graphics although it dissapoints in the resolution of the game.

The Xbox One runs at 720p while the Playstation 4 runs at 900p, both of the versions run at locked 30 frames per second where it rarely drops any frame. Personally I dislike the fact that Watch Dogs doesn’t hit the 1080p it’s the only complain I have about the graphics, especially due to the jagged textures on the Xbox One version.

Like I said this is the only complain I have about it’s graphics, from lightning to textures or to even details Watch Dogs is a very impressive game in terms of tech.

Watch Dogs is impressive and highly detailed even if you’re just looking at the street floor or to a car. Everything is perfectly and realistic modeled while it’s textures are high resolution even though the game itself is low resolution.


When you have the chance to stop and look at the game’s water or even lightning you’ll be impressed.  The best moment to see the game’s graphics it’s when it’s raining, the game looks outstanding due to it’s realistic lightning and shading.

Even though the game is quite shiny, sacrificing the resolution is not worth it. Those who are playing the Xbox One version will notice how when the player is looking far away, all they can see is jagged and edgy textures and models.

In it’s final verdict Watch Dogs is a very fun and entertaining game which at the end of the day it’s what it matters. The story has up and downs, it becomes really interesting after the climax, which will make the player get stuck to the game till the very end of it.

If you’re a fan of open world sandbox games you should really buy Watch Dogs and play it, you won’t regret either it’s by it’s gameplay/Story or graphics.


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