Top 5 upcoming movies in April 2014


I often find myself wondering what movies are gonna come out, and sometimes a good movie comes out and it catches me by surprise and i dont get the oportunity to see what might have been a great movie, so i did some research for the month of april and heres a few sugestions of mine to fill out the month.

5-  Disney Nature Bears


Yeah I  know what your thinking why put a Disney documentary on this list? This is a film that generally interests me and has cliche or cheesy as it sounds it is for a good cause, do your research on this film and maybe its worth your money to go see it with your kids or whatever, its certainly a better investment, and plus I love documentary’s it’s fascinating to me how they are made to actually get these shots of wild animals its a great undertaking and not to be unappreciated.

This film comes out on the 18th of April for the United States and is not coming out in Portugal any time soon.

4- The Railway Man


This story interested me from the get go, a tale about a man who was tortured in World War 2, he sets out years later to find the man responsible for his torture, it’s an interesting plot line and it is based on a true story, could be a extremely good movie if played right, I am a bit concerned it might fall into Oscar fishing territory or something like that but nonetheless I’m interested.

The movie comes out on the 11th of April in the USA and it’s already out here.

3- Nymphomaniac: Volume II

The first film was high up on the controversy scale and even thought I dint watch it, it was impossible for me not to learn about it, a simple plot with dark turns at every corner and the sequel seems to be more of the same, can it still gain the “fame” of the original and keep on giving, or will it fall through the cracks as just another a plea of attention through controversy and sex, well I don’t know but for the sake of curiosity I want to find out.

The film comes out on the 4th of April, in limited supply and on the 20 of March through video on demand. And its already been out for a long time here in Portugal.

2- Transcendence


So there I was browsing trailers in YouTube when I came across this particular film, I was interested because Johnny deep had been out of the picture for a while in my particular film world, I dint see dark shadows and I heard I dint miss out on much, however this new film definitely caught my interest, its interesting to make these SCi Fi films dabbling in things that seem more possible every day,  this film takes on the topic of the evolution of technology and the synergy between man and machine, it seems to take it more of less realistically within the sci fi flare of course, I’m very interested and I think this can be a beautiful film if they pull it off right, and even a pretty scary one, I hope they don’t waste this idea.

The film comes out on the 17th of April in US, and it comes out in the first of May in the Portuguese IMAX.

1Captain America: The Winter Soldier


It’s no secret that here in Pure|News we are big marvel fans, and although after Iron Man 2 and 3 we thought that marvel couldn’t make a good sequel to save their lives, they made Thor 2 and it was awesome (review here), especially since the original was so average, so this sequel to the original Captain America seems to be bound for success, we certainly hope so, the original was a mixed bag, some liked it some hated it and we were very skeptic about making a second one, throw in a SHIELD conspiracy plot and tie it in with the surprisingly good Agents Of Shield series and you had our curiosity but now you have our attention.

Captain America comes out on the 4th of April for  America, and we here in Portugal get it sooner on the 24 of march, so you can expect our review soon enough.


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