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Free Robux

What Is Robux?

Roblox is the world’s largest user-generated gaming platform, which provides the ultimate freedom to create a game of your own by using Roblox sandbox. The games created by a player can be enjoyed and played by other members of Roblox. There are over 15 million games available in Roblox for you to select and play. Overall, it is an excellent way to play online games with friends, as it can be played on almost all platforms such as Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and Xbox One.

Robux is the in-game currency of Roblox, which can be used to access premium games and purchase special items. You can progress easily in the game if you have plenty of Robux. So, it is essential for you to acquire them in the game. Moreover, the game works on a freemium model, which signifies that you can enjoy the game for free, and can get better features only if you wish to pay.

If you enjoy playing Roblox and are looking for ways to earn Robux, then stop looking for free robux generators and Roblox hacks, as they are simply useless and not working. It is better to use legit ways to acquire Robux in huge amounts. In order to save your time that you would have spent on visiting different websites, we have discussed some of the amazing and legit ways to earn Robux right here in a single article. So, here you go!

Roblox Promo Codes 2019:

You cannot get free Robux by using this method, but you can surely get free clothing. There are multiple codes that are generated by admins in order to promote their clothing, so all you need to do is apply these codes and get your free item. As mentioned above, this is not a real way to earn Robux, but it will surely help you in saving some of your in-game currencies.

No.NameRoblox Promo Code
1Glorious Pharaoh of the SunGAMESTOPPRO2019
2Showtime Bloxy Popcorn Hat$ILOVETHEBLOXYS$
3Firestripe Fedora*HAPPY2019ROBLOX*
4Full Metal TophatTARGET2018
512th Birthday Cake Hat!HAPPY12BIRTHDAYROBLOX!
6150K Summer ShadesCOOL4SUMMER
8Next Level MLG HeadphonesMLGRDC
9Next Level Future VisorKEEPIT100

Join The Builders Club Membership:

This method is not exactly a free method to earn Robux as you need to pay for the membership, but it is surely one of the best ones. There are three types of Builders Club Membership available in the game and each one of them will provide varied benefits. Here are the details on each type of membership:

Builders Club

  • Classic Builders Membership: It is also called as Regular Builders Membership and to get it, you need to pay a mere sum of $6 a month. Those players who are having Classic Builders Membership are entitled to receive a sum of 15 Robux daily, which calculates to 450 Robux each month.
  • Turbo Builders Membership: This membership requires you to pay $12 a month and will provide 35 Robux daily, which calculates to 1050 Robux a month. The membership plan also entitles you to receive some other premium benefits as well.
  • Outrageous Builders Membership: This plan can be availed at a fee of $20 a month and will provide 60 Robux each day. This would work out to 1800 Robux a month. Purchase of this membership plan will also give you some add on special benefits.

The above-shared membership plans can also be purchased at discounted annual charges, which will save some of your hard-earned money. You can purchase classic membership for $60, while Turbo and Outrageous membership can be bought for a sum of $86 and $130 respectively. So, with a bit of calculation, you will be saving about 20% to over 45%, depending upon the membership program that you select.

Here is the list of add on benefits that you can get by becoming a member, apart from earning a steady supply of Robux:

Roblox Builders Club Membership

  • Instant Bonus: Those who have purchased the membership pack for the first time will receive an instant bonus of 1000 Robux. This will provide an immediate boost to new players as they can spend Robux to purchase essential items in the game. However, note that instant bonus is awarded to the players on the purchase of any membership pack, so it doesn’t matter which membership pack you purchase!
  • Ad Free: This is the most common problem that a free user faces as they have to view countless ads in order to enjoy the contents of the game. However, by availing any of the membership programs, you can enjoy all games on Roblox without any ads. With this feature, you can play your favorite games without any hindrance.
  • Content Access: As mentioned earlier, Roblox is the largest user-generated gaming platform with over 15 million games and countless special items. There are innumerable amount of things for you to explore in the game and the content is constantly updated. In order to enjoy maximum amount of gaming content, you need to have a membership plan. This is because; members can have access to over 70% of the total paid content in the game as compared to only 10% that is available to free users.
  • Special Addons: Members are also entitled to receive special add on benefits, which include access to free items and daily deals. Apart from this, you will also receive awesome deals on store purchases. This denotes that you have to spend less Robux in comparison to a free user.
  • Group Access: Non-members can join only five groups whereas classic members can join ten. On the other hand, Turbo and Outrageous Builders Club members can join 20 and 100 groups respectively. The group serves as an important part in your all round growth and development, as the participants can discuss their game experiences and you can also come to know about trending topics and other games. Another interesting aspect is that after becoming a Builders Club member, you can not only join these groups but can also create a group and invite other users to join. Those who do not hold memberships are not allowed to create groups.

Trade Rare Collectibles:

Another perk that you can enjoy by purchasing the membership plan is to unlock trade, as only Builders Club members are permitted to trade their collectibles. You can enlist your collectible items in the market and invite bids from other players. If the listed collectible is rare in nature then this is one of the best ways to earn an enormous sum of Robux. However, you need to acquire unique collectibles by exploring different games in Roblox. You can even list and sell your collectibles and special items in the game store easily by following the below shared steps:

  • Trade Accessibility: It will help you toggle between options, which states that they are open to trade or not. You can change this setting anytime as per your wish, and you can trade with only those players who have turned on the trade accessibility feature.
  • Search For Collectors: You need to visit the Roblox homepage and search for users who might be interested in the listed collectible. Once you have located a potential buyer, you can initiate the trade by selecting trade items option. You can also check the inventory of other players in order to ensure that the offered collectible is not present with them.
  • Trade Terms: You can choose to trade your collectibles for other items or you can trade them for Robux. Once you are at the trade window, the game will display all your items for trade as well as items of the player with whom you wish to trade. Now, you can easily select the items you wish to exchange or ask for Robux in exchange of your collectible.
  • Initiate Trade: Once the trade terms are agreed by both, you can initiate trade by mentioning the amount of Robux required for the product. In order to ensure the interests of both trading parties, the game automatically calculates the price of the listed item. On the basis of the price shared, you can quote a price of your choice but you cannot ask for more than 50% of actual price. For instance, if the item that you wish to list is worth 500 Robux then you cannot quote more than 750 Robux.
  • Wait For Their Reply: The players with whom the trade is initiated, will receive a notification in their inbox. If they find the terms acceptable, then they can click on accept or else reject the trade. Players can also choose an option to counter the trade by offering their terms of trade. However, remember that each trade stays active for the period 3of four days. Once the time is over, you will have to list your item again. Note, that the players will be charged 30% of trade amount as trade fees for each successful trade.

Create And Earn To Get Free Robux:

Roblox is an excellent place for creative minds and those with innovative skills have a tremendous earning potential. You can create different apparel items such as; shirt, pants, jackets, etc., and list them on the market place. Other players who purchase these items have to pay a certain amount of Robux. Apart from selling apparels, you can also create and sell other items such as; different buildings. You can join varied groups, which have recurring requirements of this nature. In order to earn Robux by creating items, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Understand Demands: The most important factor that defines the sale of the product is its demand. So, you need to join different groups that post requirements related to creative content. On the basis of these requirements, you can judge the demand of a commodity and then strive towards creating the product.
  • List The Product: Listing the product for the right price is an essential aspect as you need to define a suitable pricing for the listed item. If you charge more, then less number of players will purchase it and if you charge less, then the price fetched through sales will be low. So, to decide the optimum pricing, you need to search for similar products and then decide a competitive price.
  • Receive Rewards: You will receive the remittance from the sale of these products after the deduction of sales fees. These proceeds are in the form of Robux, which you can utilize in order to purchase other content.

Use Google Credits And iTunes Credits:

This method can be used by those who play the game on any of the platform. Let’s discuss this method in detail!

Google Opinion Rewards

  • You can join Google Opinion program where you will get simple tasks on periodic intervals. These tasks will include, answering some simple questions about your likes and dislikes. Apart from this, you also have to watch some advertisements and subscribe to newsletters.
  • On completion of each specified task, you will receive some amount of Google Credits, which can be accumulated and redeemed for different things, and one of them being free Robux.

By using similar method, iOS users can also earn Robux. However, you need to remember to fill in the surveys from time to time. This is because; the surveys will expire if you don’t fill them on time and you will lose the rewards associated with it. Also you can do much more than getting robux, you can also use this rewards program to get free Xbox live codes or anything else.

Earn With RobuxMania:


RobuxMania is a trustworthy website, which works on the GPT (Get Paid To) model. You can earn a good amount of Robux through RobuxMania but in order to redeem it, you will need at least 1000 points, which can be redeemed for 1000 Robux. Here is a list of tasks that you can do in order to earn points on RobuxMania.

  • Login Bonus: You don’t have to create a new account on this site as you can use your Roblox username for logging. Once you login, you will instantly receive 5 Robux as a login bonus.
  • Offers Wall: The website features multiple offer walls, which contains the list of offers that you can complete in order to earn points. These offers are very simple in nature and include small tasks such as; installing an application, filling a survey form, watching a video, subscribing to a newsletter, etc. You can also sort out the offers displayed on the offers wall in order to see the ones that are giving maximum points and complete them first.
  • Receive Reward: As soon as you complete these offers, you will instantly receive the points in your account. By finishing a few top offers, you can easily earn 1000 points in less than 2 hours.

Rixty Code Redemption:


Rixty or Razor Gold is a prepaid gaming card, which works as an acceptable form of payment for purchasing game items of more than 1000 massively multiplayer online games including Roblox. There are lots of websites that offer plenty of opportunities to earn Rixty Points. These websites are similar to regular GPT sites, but they don’t offer Cash and instead pay in the form of Rixty Points. Here is a list of things you can do in order to earn Rixty Points.

  • Join a Website: You can join a good website that pays a decent amount of Rixty Points, Grab Points, Prize Rebel, etc.
  • Complete Tasks: Each of these websites have a list of different tasks, which you can do in order to earn Rixty Points. Completing these tasks is absolutely easy and all players can do it quickly.
  • Redeem: Once you accumulate enough points, you can purchase the Builders Club subscription by redeeming Rixty Points. If you are already a member, then you can use your Rixty code to get Robux.

Step 1: To get started, visit and log in your Roblox account.

Step 2: Select Robux from the top menu and tap on Buy Now or click Upgrade Now in the left menu to purchase a Builders Club subscription. Then choose Rixty as the form of payment.

Step 3: If you have not yet redeemed your Rixty PIN, then you can enter it and click Redeem. Click on Submit Order.

Step 4: However, if you have already redeemed your Rixty PIN, then click the “Have a Rixty account?” link, and wait for the next page.

Step 5: Once you reach the Buy Now page, select the amount of Robux that you wish to redeem for free.

Step 6: Login to the Rixty account with your credentials, and you’ll see your Rixty balance.

Step 7: Based on all the tasks that you have completed in your Rixty account, you can choose the amount of free Robux. Complete the purchase, and that’s it.

Using Rixty is a certified method to get free Robux, you can efficiently pay directly from your Rixty account and make more in the free time.

Create Your Own Game:

This is certainly the best way to earn good amount of free Robux in Roblox. The reason being; Roblox thrives on the games created by the users and constantly there are new games added to the platform. Creators of the best Roblox games such as; Prison Life, Vampire Hunters 2, Lumber Tycoon, etc. have earned a huge amount of Robux by this method. In order to do so, you need to possess three main qualities, which are creativity, basic programming knowledge, and patience. If you have these qualities, then you too can earn lots of Robux. All you need to do is follow the below mentioned simple steps:

  • Sign In To Builders Club: You need to be a member of Builders Club so that you can make and post your games on Roblox. In short, it is important to have an active Builders Club membership if you wish to create a game.
  • Prerequisites: In order to build a good game, you need to understand the prerequisites behind creating one. A game that provides a good story will be preferred than the one that only gives attractive visuals, as the graphics can later on be upgraded. Apart from creating an engrossing story, you also have to work on different things such as; characters, models, buildings, environment, textures, etc.
  • Implement: Once all the things are decided, then comes the most difficult part, which is implementation! In this stage, you need to focus on putting your plan of creating a game into action. Once the game is ready, you can decide about different offers that would attract other gamers to try the game. The most important thing is to have a lot of patience, as it is rightly quoted ‘With Patience Comes Perseverance’.

Now that you are aware of some easy and amazing legit ways of earning Robux, choose any or all of them as per your preference and start earning Free Roblox Robux right away and once away our reminder to stay away from Roblox hack methods as they can steal your sensitive information and ban you. Stay safe and have fun!


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