Legit And Working Ways To Get Free Xbox Live Codes and Free Trial

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Free Xbox Live Codes

In case you’re visiting our website for the first time, purenews.net specializes in providing working methods to earn free Xbox Live codes as well as others.

Are there any legit ways to get free Xbox codes online?

The answer is Yes.

That being said, there are loads of other things to watch out for as well. Most probably scams that we’ll talk about in the post later. But first, we’ll start with all the legit ways of getting free Xbox Live codes online.

Get Free Xbox Live Codes And Enjoy Gaming With Your Loved Ones!

Xbox is a console brand that is owned by Microsoft Corporation and at present it is the #1 console available in the market. Xbox consoles are designed to give the users more power and precision, which takes their gaming experience to the next level. You can enjoy your favorite games at an amazing frame rate on Xbox consoles, while the other consoles fail to deliver such performance. Thanks to Xbox Live, you can play your favorite games with friends across the world by sitting conveniently at your home.

What Is Xbox Live?

Xbox Live or Xbox Live Gold is an online service provided by Microsoft to its console users, which enables them to play different multiplayer games with their friends and other random players. An interesting benefit that you will get from availing Xbox Live service is free game titles each month; so, you can get up to four game titles that can be downloaded and played each month until your subscription expires. Another perk which is offered only to Xbox Live members is that lots of digital game titles are offered to players at an unbeatable discounted pricing. For providing the best in class service, Microsoft charges its users a fee of 10 dollars for one month subscription or 60 dollars for one year subscription.

Ways Through Which You Can Avail These Services For Free:

You will come across numerous sources that claim to provide users with multiple Xbox Live codes and cheats. Most of these websites offer various downloadable links or redeemable codes to the players, which usually don’t work and sometimes users are tricked into spending money for availing these codes. However, visiting these sources is definitely not worth your time or effort and on most of the occasions it will turn out as a fool’s errand. So, if you wish to get free Xbox Live codes then do not fall prey to these malicious sources. Instead, you can use the below shared legit ways to get Free Xbox Live Codes.

Trial Subscription Method:

This is the easiest method that is used by most of the Xbox users. In this method, you can avail an Xbox Live subscription for one month for free of cost. To know more on how to avail free trail Xbox Live subscription simply follow the below shared steps.

Steps For Getting 14 Day Trial Xbox Live:

Free Xbox Live Trial 14 days

  • You need an email id for signing up the Microsoft Xbox Live Account.
  • Once the email id is entered and the sign up process is completed, then you have to update the required billing information, which includes your billing address, contact number, etc.
  • You also have to update your credit card details in order to complete the process.
  • You will need a user id and a password that you need to set for logging in to your Xbox Live.

Once the process is completed, you will receive 14 days free Xbox Live subscription. During this period, you will be able to enjoy all services that are offered to other Xbox Live users. Some of these services are unlimited multiplayer gaming, free game titles each month, and incredible discounts on digital purchases.

Here are some aspects that you need to keep in mind if you have activated one month free Trial Xbox Live:

  • Please ensure to deactivate your subscription before one month or uncheck the auto renewal feature as you will be charged by Microsoft if you fail to do so.
  • All Xbox consoles are tracked by Microsoft due to which you can use the above method only three times and not more than that. Once you have created three accounts on your console, then you will not receive any more messages for registration of Xbox Live Gold Trail Account.
  • Each time you have to start playing a new game right from the beginning as the progresses and achievements pertaining to your previous game id will not be retailed. So, do not use the above method if you don’t wish to lose your game achievements.

Xbox Live Quests:

Xbox Quests

This is another way through which you can earn different rewards that includes; Xbox Live Gift Vouchers and Game Codes. However, the only problem with this method is that it is available only for Xbox Live Gold members.  Let’s discuss in detail how Xbox Live Quests and rewards system works!

Each month, you will find different quest list in the featured section of the Gold membership area. You can navigate to this area and check the tasks that are available at hand and then work towards completion of these tasks. Once you have successfully completed these tasks, you will receive a notification from Microsoft through Xbox Message Centre.

In order to be qualified to receive a mystery reward, you have to complete at least two active quests each month. Mystery reward box contains a random reward item, which includes free Xbox live subscription, gift codes, digital games, etc. Through this method, active gamers can easily get access to free Xbox Live Subscription as the rewards are based on playing the game. So, idle gamers won’t stand a chance to win the subscription.

Microsoft Reward Program:

Microsoft Rewards

It is a free program that is introduced by Microsoft, which rewards the users for accomplishing certain things daily. Mentioned below is the list of things that will award players with reward points:

  • You can get five points per search if you are using Bing.com. However, a vital aspect that you need to ensure is that you are logged into your Microsoft account while browsing, as it helps in calculating the points earned.
  • You will also earn some reward points by making purchases on Microsoft Online Store or Microsoft 10 store.
  • Different quizzes are organized by Microsoft on a weekly basis. You can earn good amount of reward points by simply completing these quizzes.
  • You can even complete various daily offers and special weekend offers in order to enhance your free reward points.

Reward points earned by these methods can be used to redeem for Xbox gift cards or Xbox live codes. However, there is a small catch here; there is a limit to which you can earn reward points daily by using each of the above shared methods.

GPT (Get Paid To) Reward Sites:

Reward sites

There are lots of different GPT websites these days that will reward you by completing sundry tasks such as filling up a survey form, watching a promotional video, referring friends, etc. Some of the trusted websites includes Swagbucks, PrizePoints, GrabPoints, and PrizeRebel. By using these websites, you can earn extra income on a daily basis or redeem the points for free codes. Here is the list of tasks that you can complete on these websites in order to earn Xbox Live Codes.

  • Filling Survey is one of the easiest ways through which you can earn points. You can fill several surveys each week, wherein each survey consists of multiple questions. Some of these questions contain many options. You have to express your unbiased views and opinions in each survey in order to give the best possible information.
  • You can also do some small tasks such as; viewing different promotional videos, downloading apps, participating in daily polls, etc. These tasks are very easy to interpret and can be completed each day without any difficulty.
  • Most of these websites organize contests on daily or weekly basis. If you win these contests, then you will be awarded with huge number of points.

Once you complete each of the shared tasks, you can earn different amounts of points. You can also accumulate these points and redeem them for varied offers, which include free Xbox live codes.

Google Opinion Rewards:

This is one of the most trusted methods as it is offered by none other than Google itself! You can earn up to half a dollar for each task that you complete on Google Opinion. The Google Opinion app is available on both iOS as well as play store and can be downloaded for free of cost. You will get 0.50 dollar worth of Google Play Store Credits on filling each survey. These surveys are shared to each user on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Google Opinion Rewards

Once the surveys are available, you will receive a notification on your application. These surveys are extremely simple as they consist of routine questions about the users; which include their likes, dislikes, habits, preferences, etc. Each week, Google Opinion app will share a complete evaluated report that is based on your answers in order to know you better. You can accumulate the play store credits and in turn, use them to purchase Xbox Live subscription.


Reddit Giveaways

You can find plenty of unused Xbox Live codes on innumerable websites such as Reddit. Remember that you need to keep an eye on giveaway posts that are listed on the websites. However, ensure that the posts are not older than a month, and then try using the promotional codes that have been shared. If the shared codes are not used by other players, then you can avail free subscription of Xbox Live on redemption of these codes. However, there is a huge possibility that the shared codes do not work in most of the cases as they are giveaways and can be redeemed by any player who possesses them.

Here are the best places to start looking for free Xbox Live Codes






Now that you have gained plenty of information on various ways to earn Xbox Live Codes, you can choose to use all or any one of them, whatever suits you the best! Using these methods would save you money; but, remember that you will have to invest a lot of time. An important advice is that always stay away from websites that make false claims about instant Xbox live codes, as there’s no such thing as ‘free lunch’!



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