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Pokemon Ruby Cheats

Pokémon Ruby was one of the first games, which was introduced for Nintendo III series. The game was set in the region of Hoenn and featured plenty of amazing features; including over 130 new Pokémons. The game also offered exciting stuffs that were introduced for the very first time in a Pokémon game. Some of these features include; double battle, individual pokemon abilities, pokemon contents, etc. The game was released in the year 2002 and still remains one of the best games available for Pokémon fans.

The game has a vast Pokémon universe to explore and you can meet lots of different characters from the Pokémon universe. You can also discover different Pokémons during exploration or battles. However, at times the adventure turns into misadventures due to stronger missions, repetitive quests, etc. If you too are facing these problems then don’t worry, as Pokémon Ruby Cheat Codes are there to rescue you.

Why Should You Use Pokémon Ruby Cheat Codes?

Pokémon Ruby is an engrossing game that was released on Game Boy Advance, which denotes that you can play and enjoy it on Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Advance Emulator. The cheat codes are special codes designed to give you several additional perks; such as, special abilities, power, etc. So, the basic aim of cheats is that it provides better gaming experience to the players.

As soon as you active the Pokemon Ruby Cheat Codes, you will be provided with special abilities that will enhance your game completely. However, at times some of the cheats don’t work on their own as they are a part of a huge code. So, in order to activate such cheats, you need to first mention the Pokémon Ruby Master Code on the website. Once the master code is entered, you can use any cheat code that is associated with the master code. Always remember to enter the master code prior to mentioning any other cheat code!

How To Use Pokemon Ruby GameShark Codes?

GameShark is a device that needs to be inserted in Game Boy Advance gadget in order to use any cheat codes. If you are using a Game Boy Advance then GameShark device is a must or else you won’t be able to use any cheats. You have to insert the GameShark device in your Game Boy Advance where the game rom is placed. Once the GameShark is inserted, you can insert the game rom and enter Pokemon Ruby Game Shark Codes. Those who are using the emulator do not require a GameShark device as they can simply use the cheat codes.

Here are some of the important features of Pokémon Ruby Rom Cheats, which makes it one of the most popular hacking tools available online!

Max Stats:

Every Pokémon that you train has certain abilities; like health points, attack, defense, special attack, and speed. You have to increase these stats by winning battles and earning experience points. However, with cheat codes, you can instantly maximize all these stats and that too without moving a muscle. Apart from achieving Max Stats, you can also activate infinite health points cheat, which will make you invincible as you will have unlimited amount of health points.

Max Money:

You can earn money in the game by completing lots of missions and by breeding and training Pokémon. The money earned can be used to purchase special gear for your Pokémon. However with cheat codes there is no need to strive hard for earning money, as you can generate loads and loads of money by using Max Money cheats.

Legendary Pokémon:

The game features lots of different Pokemons, which includes legendary ones such as Raikou, Zapdos, Aerodactyl, etc. You can unlock these Pokemons by exploring the huge game world that has been offered or you can simply obtain them by using the cheats. The cheat codes are not only meant for unlocking legendary Pokemons, but also applicable to all the Pokemons in the Pokedex. This signifies that you can unlock any Pokémon that you desire.

Rare Candies:

As the name suggests, these candies are special items that are difficult to obtain in the game. You can spend them to upgrade the Pokémon and unlock their special abilities. However, obtaining rare candies is easy as you can acquire them in unlimited quantities by using the cheat codes.

To conclude, if you enjoy playing Pokémon Ruby game then you surely can’t afford to miss these cheats, so try them and see the difference!


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