Best Websites to Watch Free Movies Online in 2019 Including New ones

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Watch Free Movies Online

Due to the fast pace of life, most of us are surrounded by stress and exertion. All of us work hard during the weekdays and are totally exhausted during the weekends. Some of us are actually heading towards burnout.

In order to rejuvenate the minds and ease up the mental exertion, individuals resort to ways such as parties, holidays, night outs, etc. However, doing these things requires a good amount of money and planning, which most of us lack at all times. So, how do we cope up quickly and economically with the ever increasing stressful environment? Let’s find out!

Nowadays, the world is leaning towards the digital age and most of the things are available online. This applies to entertainment as well! If you are experiencing anxiety and wish to relieve it with some quality entertainment then watching movies could be a good option. Below mentioned are some of the best streaming platforms where you can watch movies free of cost and from the comforts of your home.

How To Watch Free Movies Online?



It is a largest content based platform available for people from across the world. Anyone can create their own channel and post content on it for others to watch. Yet, there are many individuals who are not aware that they can actually watch lots of free movies online on YouTube. Using YouTube for watching movies is easy as you can search for the newest movie s for free of your choice by typing the name in the search box. If you are not sure of what to watch then you can make a search on the basis of genres such as; comedy movies, action movies, animated movies, etc. Innumerable movies can be seen without paying any fees, but certain movies either requires a monthly/annual subscription or viewing fee. Let’s understand in detail on how both of them work:

Subscription: Subscription on YouTube is of two different tenures i.e. monthly and yearly. YouTube Movies is an official YouTube Channel where you can purchase a paid subscription in order to watch any movies from their collection. Depending on your preference, you can choose to purchase a monthly subscription or an annual subscription. During the subscription period, you can watch as many movies as you wish. Before the expiry of the subscription period, you will be notified so that you can renew the subscription or cancel it.

Watching Fee: Subscribing for monthly or yearly is an ideal solution for those who watch movies on a regular basis. However, it is not recommended for individuals who watch movies occasionally. So, if you do not want to pay for an entire month then you can browse YouTube Movies, select a movie, and watch it by paying a one-time watching fee. Note that by paying a one-time fee, you can watch the movie only once and if you wish to watch it again, then you have to pay the fees again.

Tubi TV:

Tubi TV is the best destination for individuals who want to watch TV shows and movies for free. The Tubi TV application is available for download on different platforms; such as, Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, Playstation, Smart TVs, etc. An interesting aspect of Tubi TV is that it is a completely legit platform, which doesn’t require any fees so you can watch movies online free and doesn’t even ask the users for their credit card details.

Tubi Tv

Let’s find out how Tubi TV works! Tubi TV has partnered with more than 200 popular studios; such as Paramount, MGM, Lionsgate, etc. These studios share full movies on Tubi TV for their viewers. The list of movies is constantly updated so that there is a huge library of movie titles for the users to select. If you wish to watch your favorite movies and TV shows on Tubi TV then you can do that by following the below shared steps:

  • Create An Account: You can register for free on Tubi TV by filling simple details; such as full name, email address, date of birth, and gender. If you don’t wish to fill these details, then you can simply login by using your facebook login credentials.
  • Browse Movies: Once you have successfully registered to browse movies, you can login to your smart device or browser and fill in your credentials. After signing in, you can browse various movies as well as TV shows and choose the one that you wish to watch. In order to give a user-friendly experience, the movies and shows list is further classified on the basis of their genres such as horror, action, drama, comedy, etc.
  • Huge Library: Tubi TV has an extremely huge library, which will keep you entertained for a very long time. The content on Tubi TV platform is of over 40,000 hours and there is new content that is uploaded each day. The entire content is available on both SD and HD, so you can watch them as per your device compatibility and Internet speed.

Tubi TV offers a few add-on features, which helps in getting an enhanced movie viewing experience. The add-on features include; synopsis that will give you a brief description about the movie plot and movie cast. By reading this, you can decide whether you wish to watch the movie or skip it. Other add-on features include; subtitles option, which can be chosen if you wish to watch movie with subtitles. Tubi TV also has a cast option that will let you cast your favorite movie to your TV screen, in case you have a smart television or are using Chromecast.



It is one of the most trusted free online movies streaming platforms that features over 12,000 movie titles. Its library is very well-organized and the movies are segmented properly into different genres, which help in searching movies quickly. However, remember that if you want to watch a new movie then Viewster is not the right platform as most of the movies featured here are classics. The content on Viewster is available in High Definition and can be watched in most of the countries.


When it comes to watching free movies, then Hotstar has surely earned an honorable title; thanks to its vast library! If you are a fan of Bollywood movies then this is a must visit destination for watching free movies. Hotstar features one of the largest collections of Bollywood movies and TV shows. An aspect that attracts most viewers is that it will not force you to sign-in or register in order to stream the free content. So, if you wish to use Hotstar then follow the below shared instructions:


  • Download The Application: Hotstar can be quickly downloaded for free of cost on Android and iOS platform. After downloading the application, you can instantly start browsing through the vast library that the application offers to all. Even though the app does not require you to sign up, but you can login with your credentials to enjoy a more personalized viewing experience.
  • Content: The content on Hotstar is so diverse that viewers of all age groups and demography will find their favorite content on the app. You can either watch your favorite movies or choose to watch a soap opera on the app. If you are interested in sports, then you can find content of varied sports and if you are interested in documentaries then you will find different documentaries and animal life content.
  • Paid Subscription: Though the app gives you most of the content for free, but paid subscribers enjoy add-on benefits. These benefits include; access to over 20 different live channels that comprises of entertainment, movie, news, and sports. The paid subscription will also enable you to view tons of international shows and movies on the app. You can avail the paid subscription for a monthly or an annual fee.

Amazon Prime Video:

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime is a value added service introduced by Amazon for its customers, which includes contents of streaming app. Those who have availed Amazon Prime subscription are entitled to get unlimited as well as free one day and two day delivery on all orders, along with tons of free online movies and free TV shows. Although the Amazon Prime service is chargeable, but you can enjoy their trial service for an entire month for free of cost. After the trail period is over, you can either choose to continue with their services or stop the services. To watch your favorite movies and shows on Amazon Prime, simply follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Subscription: Subscription is required if you want to watch different movies and TV shows that are featured on Amazon Prime App. You can avail for a free trial subscription, which will provide free access for a period of one month. As soon as the free trial gets over, you can purchase subscription for a month or a year.
  • Prime Video App: You can watch Prime Videos on the browser or you can also choose to install the Prime Video app on your iOS and Android device. In order to watch the content, you have to login to the browser or app by using your Amazon login credentials.
  • Browse Catalogue: The streaming platform features a huge catalogue, which consists of movies of different languages as well as genres. The catalogue offers blockbuster old movies as well as new movies, along with lots of exclusive Prime Video content. Subscribers can watch unlimited Amazon Prime content until their subscription is active.

Add-on Features Of Amazon Prime:

  • Multi-User: Currently, there is no specific restriction on the number of devices on which you can login by using your Amazon Prime Video credentials. So, a single Amazon Prime subscription can be used by at least five users on different applications. This makes the service cost affordable to all.
  • Fire Stick Search: If you have linked your Amazon Prime Video account to your Fire Stick then you can enjoy a unique voice search feature. So, you can browse the content by using the voice search; thus, saving a lot of time. Also, it is a great boon for those who do not possess technological knowledge.
  • Multi-Lingual Subtitles And Audio: Most of the movies featured on the streaming platform is available with subtitle options in multiple languages. Also, there are many popular movies that are available in more than one language. This feature has resulted in a significant increase of subscribers as individuals from across the world will be able to understand the content due to multi-lingual audio language and subtitles.


It is a premium streaming platform service, but certainly has the best content for its viewers, and nobody else can match its standards! Similar to Amazon Prime Video, Netflix is a chargeable service but first-time users can avail a free trail for one month. After that, they have to pick a suitable subscription pack. Read on to know more on how to watch your favorite movies and TV shows on Netflix.


  • Subscription: You have to pay for the subscription in order to view the content on Netflix. However, first time users can avail for a one month free subscription by providing their credit card details. Once you click on the register tab, you will be given an option to browse different subscription plans and choose the right one. After selecting the plan, you will be prompted to create an account by inserting your email address and password. Next, you have to enter your credit card details for billing purposes. However, you will not be billed for the first month.
  • Plans: You can choose different plans; such as Basic, Standard, or Premium. Each of these plans varies from each other. Basic Plan can be availed at a cost of $9 per month, but the content can be viewed only on one screen at a time and that too in SD format. Standard Plan can be bought for $13 and can be viewed on two screens at a time. You can also view the content in HD format. Premium Plan costs $16, but can be used by four users at a time. Moreover, the videos can be watched in Ultra HD Format as well. Though Premium plan sounds expensive; but in reality, it is the most cost-effective plan as it can be shared by four different users, which calculates to $4 per user for a month.
  • Cancel Or Renew: You will receive three days prior notification of the expiry of your Netflix free trial period. This signifies that you have three days to think and cancel the subscription in case you don’t wish to continue with it. If you fail to cancel the subscription, then the selected plan will automatically get renewed and your credit card will be charged for the selected plan.

Why Netflix?

When it comes to streaming platforms, Netflix is undoubtedly the best option available to all. Shared below is the list of reasons why you should give Netflix a try!

  • Accessibility: You can stream the contents of Netflix on any browser of you computer or laptop. Netflix is also available in the form of a downloadable app for iOS and Android devices. You can watch Netflix on your Smart TVs and gaming consoles as most of the new Smart TVs are already equipped with Netflix application. You can also watch new movies online free while you are on trial.
  • Content: The content that you will get on Netflix is something which you will not be able to find elsewhere. Netflix pays a lot of money to purchase exclusive content for showing on their platform. At present, Netflix is spending a tremendous amount of money for creating Netflix Originals TV Shows and Movies, which can be seen by Netflix users only.


Popcorn FLix

It is a free streaming application that can be downloaded on Android and iOS platforms. Unlike other platforms, you don’t have to pay a subscription fee or have to sign-in to watch the content. All you have to do is to acquire a device that supports the application, and you are good to go! Currently, PopcornFlix features a collection of over 700 different movies, which are well placed under different genres, and you can watch movies free online. There is also a different tab dedicated for new releases, which automatically highlights new movies and shows. However, there is a small catch that their services are available only in selected countries, which denotes that you may need a VPN in case your country is unable to stream it.

Sony Crackle:

Sony Crackle

It is an amazing streaming application, which will let you watch free movies online and TV shows. Similar to PopcornFlix, subscription is not needed; but you have to create a simple account and login by using your credentials. Most of the movies and shows in the app are of Sony Studios, so you can view the best content for free on this app.

In short, the aforesaid platforms can be used to watch your favorite movies for free with an exception to Netflix and Amazon Prime that provides only one-month trial subscription. So, the bottom line is, if you can afford to purchase the subscription then Netflix and Amazon Prime is the best options. On the other hand, if you can’t afford then as soon as the free trial is over, you can try using Tubi TV, PopcornFlix, or other platforms that have been discussed earlier.



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