Ladakh temperature and current situation in2024 , History , acciden , & About Sonamwangchuk.

Ladakh temperature and current situation in2024.The people of Ladakh have four men demands
No(1) First including ladakh in the 6th schedule of the constitution .
No(2 ) Giving full statehood to Ladakh.
No(3) Electric 2 MP from ladakh.(currently, there’s only 1 MP is from Ladakh in the lok sabha)
No(4) Establishing a public service commission to provide secret jobs in Ladakh

Ladakh temperature and current situation in2024

In Ladakh, the minimum temperature is likely to be around -14 degrees Celsius, and the maximum weather might be as low as -1 degrees. Throughout the day, the temperature is expected to be around -4 degrees Celsius with wind speeds of roughly 2.11. At ninety-one degrees, the wind will blow at a speed of roughly 2.41 km/h. The sun will rise at 6:34 am and set at 6:26 pm. According to the seven-day weather forecast, khapa chan temperatures are expected to be approximately -13 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, -10 degrees Celsius on Thursday, -16 degrees Celsius on Friday, and -14 degrees Celsius on Saturday, with a possibility of dropping as low as -15 degrees Celsius. That is expected to be approximately -17 degrees. You can also watch the video by going to the video given below.

About Sonam wangchuk.

He is the person who inspired the character of wangchu in the movie 3 Idiots.
The innovation made by Rancho in the film Sonam wantsukh made similar innovation and more in real life.
In2021, he build these environment friendly solar heated tens for the Indian army ,and he also designed many carbon neutral solar building and to deal with the water shortage in Ladakh, he was the one to introduce the concept of ice stupas,
Apart from that, he has done a lot of work also. Throughout the yaar, he has been awarded many awards for his innovations.Be it the Ramon Magsaysay Award 2018, the green teacher award 2004, or an award by the UNESCO

Ladakh current situation in2024 , History , Why was Ladakh in news recently?

Last month more than 30000 people gathered in ladakh to protest
Everyone had gathered at one place to protest for their rights.
On 6th March when the discussion with the government did not yied any result
The famous educator innovator and activist Sonam wangchuk decided that I am going on an indefinite fast
And this fast will continue until the government listens to us.
This could turn into a fast unto death.
So let us know what is their demand, what is their problem?
The problem is the democracy , the environment and the rights of the people of khapa chan

This is the part of the constitution that protects the tribal population in the country. According to this, in tribal area to Pramod democracy, in tribal people can form their own autonomous district councils, and autonomous regional councils. Also known as ADCS and ARCS . They are basically elected bodies, that have the power to administer travel areas.
So that on a local level, the travel people make their rules about their land, forest, and socio-cultural customs. So that people from outside cannot exploit their land and resources.
Today, this 6th schedule is applicable in the tribal areas of Assam ,Meghalaya ,Tripura, and Mizoram.
Now you might think since there are no forest in there , so why are the people demanding it….?.There are three main reasons of this . First reason it is true that there are not forest , but every area have its natural biodiversity. And Sonam has explained this many times that the area of Ladakh is very vulnerable, considering climate change. (Suman said in her YouTube video the mountains are facing the wrath of nature in the face of climate change.) If the resources are allowed to be exploited in this area, it will be largely dangerous for ladakh
The frequency of natural disasters, flash, floods, and landslides will increases. Second the majority population of khapa chan falls in the scheduled tribes category. According to NCST , 66.8% of the population of scheduled Tribe. (83% in Kargil and in some areas it is as high as 99%.)
The third and the biggest reason the six 6th schedule with give the people of Leh their democracy rights.
Today, what do the people of lay have in terms of democracy…..? ………., since the abrogation of article 370 in August 2019, and Leh Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir where divided into a separate union territories. People didn’t have any issues with the abrogation of article 370, but rather there issues are with the action of the government after the abrogation. Jammu and Kashmir used to be a full state. After 2019, it was downgraded , and divided into two separate union territories. Jammu and Kashmir union territory did get its legislative assembly. But lehLadakh was not given that right. After separate there was 4 MLAs , but today, this number has come down to zero . Delhi is also a union territory but there exist a state level government. You can vote for them ,you can select them. But lehLadakh was not given this right at all. There are no offices at the state level, what you can elect by voting. At the up level lehladakh people can vote for the lok sabha elections only, but even there they have been given only one MP . This is the reason behind all these demands. On a local level , they want to be included in the 6th schedule, so that they can elect their ADCs and ARCs, and can protected their land

Ladakh temperature and current situation in2024

On state level, they want full statehood. They want at List a legislative assembly so that they can elect they are government. And on a central level, they want to have two MPs. Otherwise, this is only a shell of democracy,,,? The most interesting thing is that it does not matter weather you agree with my reasoning or not because four years ago BJP was the one to demand that Leh be included in the 6th schedule.
Right at the top of BJP,s manifesto , they mentioned including chan in the 6th schedule. But now why BJP does not want to full film this demand ?
: In August 2020, the people of khapa put their demands in front of the government for the first time. In 2020, the autonomous Hill District council was to be elected in leh . And before the elections home minister Amit Shah promise that within 15 days of the election they old full film these demands. After this, the protest was stopped , and BJP won the election with 15 seats. But after that same condition no action was taken. During December 2021 and November 2022 there were two more protests. For a while ,there were discussion with the government but this despite writing in on the manifesto, the government kept refusing to give in to their demand. This is the reason for this indefinite fast today. It did not escalate all of a sudden. As you can read over the last few years, people have been raising their demands repeatedly. In this post we have collected as much news as possible about this place If you guys liked reading this post then you can like and comment. Thank you so much!

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