“Jawan” movie review in English Why should watch theJawan movie? जवान फिल्म समीक्षा

Why should Jawan watch the movie We will talk about this later. First let’s know about the actor. Who is inside this movie?

Move director and written by Atlee kumar,Produced by Gauri khan(wife of Shahrukh Khan) Music director by Anirudh Ravichander

about jawan

Total 19 Most Popular Actors in Jawan Movie,

jawan review

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(1)Bollywood actor Shahruk khan SRK ,( Dual role as father and son) (2 )South Indian actor Vijay Sethupathi And Sunil Grover,(Villain role)(3)Nayanthara,(4)Deepika Padukone (5)Priyamani (6) Sanya Malhotra (7)Sanjeeta bhattacharya (8) Ridhi Dogra (9)Girija Oak (10) Lehar khan (11) Aaliyah qureishi , 3 to 11 all are making supporting roles.

Why this movie become propuler /hWhy should watch theJawan movie?

First of all Shahruk khan has given a massage to 140 cr in the Jawan Movie

No 1 :How we chose a political leaders & how we give our valuable votes . And others important massage for the upcoming elaction .9India is a secular country thats why we have to selact a secular politician) thats why In every Indians must be watch the movie (JAWAN)

No 2: this movie shows how a poor person fource to suicide .(The poor Indians needed the loan but they cannot timely return this loan anyway ,in that time thay decide to suicide)

This movie provided respect with son & father and how to fight togather for every situation

  • There are so many poor and backword social problem included in the movie
  • In todays INDIAN political coraption system shown in the movie
  • Every INDIANS should be fight there own problem
  • Don’t based on other ,handle to the every situation
  • All politcian are always consumed the farmers
  • There are no perfact oportunity to the poor section# Review

#All Reviews

All youngers are just amused to watching the movie becouse they find the actual ways of life stile

First we all get to see Shahrukh Khan doing a fighting scene (but this ismiddle part of jawan is shown first) then the actual film Jaawan starts, Shahrukh Khan and his accomplice hijack a train and fulfill some of their demands, then you You can see that he is best district and he is given the best district award, then we all can see Shahrukh Khan’s wedding bride meets Nayan Tara as a bride, and Nayan Taras a girl and this little girl’s act is very well done you all. You see, this little girl comes to see Shahrukh Khan as a bride, then another person targets Shahrukh Khan and his partner, a political leader, and fulfills their other obligations, then Shahrukh Khan, who is a police officer, but Shahrukh Khan is behind these actions. After the public came to know that he had hands, he was arrested, then the rule of Shah Rukh Khan’s father began. In Father’s Rule, Shah Rukh Khan is an army officer and his wife is Deepika Padukone, Vijay throws Shah Rukh Khan out of a helicopter after he gets loud while duplicating Vijay Chatufati’s song. And put Deepika in jail with false accusations, and in jail for Shah Rukh Khan, then Shah Rukh Khan was hanged and Shah Rukh Khan was taught by a police officer and made that jail ward, when he understood everything, slowly this diplomacy corrupt society. Begin to remove from.

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